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Who are the Magpie Mafia?

We are two youngish South African women, passionate about the world we live in, body positivity, and (very) good quality products - especially those that sparkle and come in beautifully-designed packages. We believe that makeup is part of what makes life fun, and boy, so do some of our brands!
We adhere to some core values that we think you’ll like (a lot):

Cruelty-free & Vegan

We hold to the highest ethical standards from the way we practice our business, to the brands we choose to associate with. We believe in the ethical manufacturing of cruelty-free and vegan products, which are good for you as well as the environment.

Authentically You

We aim to inspire the essence of authentic beauty and femininity. You are beautiful exactly as you are - flaws and all. And that should be celebrated! You don't need makeup to make you beautiful but hey, who doesn't love a gorgeous pink lippy?!

Quality Brands

We only stock products which ascribe to the highest standards of quality. This means ingredients that respect the environment, but also makeup that actually does what it claims to do! We also believe in providing the absolute best quality customer service - we are here to serve you.